Welcome to the AFB Resources area. This was designed specifically for you.  It is here to offer you access to lots of free, helpful and informative resources to support you with creating your leadership, career, financial, and life success.

At the bottom of this page you see two Assessment Wheels for download.  Each of these will help you take an objective look at your personal and professional fulfillment and success, and they are free!  What they will offer you are valuable and powerful ways to gain a more objective view of how you’re doing in these two critical components for living an extraordinary life.  I highly recommend you download both and create time to complete them.  These tools alone will offer you valuable insights and new awareness about what is, and is not, at the level you want for your career and your life.  These are also helpful exercises for you to determine whether coaching is something you might want to consider.

View the Resources drop down menu for access to valuable resources, including the Book Shelf, and valuable videos worth your time and reflection.  The Book Shelf is recommended reading in the areas of leadership, financial success, and personal & spiritual development.

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