Coaching FAQ

What are the typical benefits and outcomes from coaching?

If you are looking for outcomes from EXECUTIVE COACHING visit here.
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How does coaching work?

Coaching is about helping people find their own answers to the challenges they face in their leadership, career, and their life.  Through a process of powerful inquiry and questioning, one that explores and challenges the assumptions, beliefs, and attitudes you hold, it causes fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to come to the fore.  It is from this heightened awareness and insight that the ability to make much more conscious choices happens. In turn, it allows you to take more powerful steps to create the results you want.  It is said the quality of your solutions are only as good as the questions you ask – this speaks to the heart and power of coaching.

How is coaching different from consulting, training, or therapy?

Coaching is not about telling people what to do or assessing their situation and then giving recommendations or strategies to implement, that is consulting. There may be times when the coach’s perspective could serve clients to expand their awareness and gain insights, and occasionally that is part of the coaching process, but it is not the primary driver of coaching.

Unlike training where the facilitator teaches people new strategies, tools, or learning to implement in their leadership, careers, or their lives, coaching is primarily about allowing the client discover the strategies, tools, and learning for themselves.  This is the foundational difference that has coaching be so powerful and effective.  Having the unique support and objectivity that the coach offers makes the process transformational!

Therapy is typically focused on exploring and working through emotional issues that result from life and relationship adversities.  The focus is on working through the impact of those experiences from the past to find more empowerment and peace with oneself in the present. It is often focused on reworking past experiences. Coaching is present and future focused, and action oriented. It is about creating a strategy to live into one’s future potential, not resolve, or work through, issues from that past that impact you today.

Do we meet in person or by phone?

Coaching is often done by phone, however a combination of phone and in-person meetings is available, depending on client needs.

What does it cost to invest in coaching?

Depending on the coaching package you choose, and the type of coaching desired, rates vary and begin at $797 per month for people interested in personal career coaching. Executive and leadership coaching packages are based on the position of the leader and the level of engagement.

How long does coaching take?

It is primarily determined by the degree of change and transformation desired, and by how committed you are to having sustainable change.

Given that, there is a 6 month minimum agreement, with a year highly recommended. The average engagement of my clients is typically 12 – 24 months or often more, ultimately determined by client needs.  Once leaders discover the power and impact of coaching on various facets of their lives, they are often committed to reaching the peak of their potential.

What’s the process for getting started with coaching?

First we meet for a complimentary phone consultation to determine if coaching is appropriate for you, meets your goals, and to determine whether we might work well together.  If we decide it’s a good fit and I’m clear together we could make a significant difference for you, and you are ready to move forward, then we proceed.  First, you would complete the initial assessments and then we set up the foundation meeting, typically in person, whenever possible.  The process unfolds from there into regular monthly appointments by phone and/or in person.

Are there any guarantees?

The goal of Action for Breakthroughs is to exceed your expectations and provide impeccable coaching services.  Our commitment is to always operate from integrity, trust, and impeccable business ethics; as an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau, we walk our talk! If for any reason you are not satisfied let us know and we will do whatever we can to resolve your concern.

If for any reason you are still dissatisfied with our attempts to remedy the situation, then we will refund the balance of payments you have made to date for services not yet provided, including the cost of the prior month of coaching services already received. This is our guarantee; and we are proud to say this has never occurred in over 14 years of business! You really have every reason to be confident choosing Action for Breakthroughs for your career and/or leadership development needs!