Coach’s Commitment

My Commitment To You As Your Coach:

• To be your partner in creating ANYTHING that you are committed to having for yourself.

• To listen for, and speak to, the power within you to TAKE ACTION toward the goals you define.

• To CHALLENGE YOU TO GROW beyond the person you are now and to become more than you, or others, think you are or can be.

• To help you DISCOVER, DEFINE, and ACHIEVE what you most value and want for your leadership, your career, and your life.

• To be a confidential sounding board to support you with identifying creative and innovative solutions for the challenges you face.

• To support you in keeping your word and taking the necessary steps in order for you to REACH YOUR personal and professional GOALS.

• To be as authentic, honest, and compassionate as possible to empower you to OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLES that may stand between you and your goals.

• To HAVE FUN on your journey to creating an extraordinary career and life!