Executive Coaching

Solution Strategist – Trusted Confidante – Executive Coach 

“As a coach for senior level leaders, I facilitate innovative thinking and problem solving, leadership effectiveness, and highly improved daily productivity and fulfillment.  My commitment to all my clients is to create a strategic partnership that not only improves leadership performance and business success, but also enhances the leader’s effectiveness with their daily lives, both at work and at home.  In short, help leaders forge the path to learn how to enjoy their extraordinary life!”

— Al Spicer

The ROI of Coaching for Your Leaders & Your Business are to:

  • Sharpen your leadership effectiveness
  • More quickly advance the leadership abilities of your high potential leaders
  • Support emerging leaders (Directors or Managers) to operate from executive leadership mindset and to gain “executive presence.”
  • Be able to navigate complex challenges and decisions more powerfully and easily
  • Discover the critical tools and insights that make daily challenges much easier to resolve
  • Discover what is possible – and a clear method to get “out of the box”
  • Powerfully improve team performance, efficiency, and unity
  • Create & grow teams based on trust, positivity, and productivity
  • Significantly increase communication effectiveness, motivation, and the EQ/EI of yourself, and your reports
  • Provide support for newly promoted managers and executives who are assuming more responsibility and need to expand their leadership skills
  • Have a confidential “sounding board” to catalyze innovative thinking and creative problem solving

Individual Benefits (ROI) Clients Report as a Result of Executive Coaching:

  • Increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Accomplish larger, clearer, more rewarding personal & professional goals with less effort
  • Engage in more creative thinking and innovative problem solving
  • More effectively manage your priorities
  • Peace of mind and confidence that comes from having a trusted, objective partner for support and creative problem solving – one without any agenda other than helping you be your best!
  • Make clearer, more confident decisions
  • Learn to communicate more clearly, effectively, and powerfully with others (and yourself).
  • More rewarding and productive relationships with co-workers
  • Create the impact you most intend regardless of circumstances
  • Become much more organized and effective with your time
  • Increased self-confidence
 & empowerment
  • Greater job satisfaction and success
  • Reduced stress levels in all areas
  • Improved health & wellness
  • Prevent stress from overwhelming you & interfering with your commitments
  • Improved overall quality of life at work and home

How Does Coaching Typically Work?

  • COACH MEETS, initially by phone or in person, WITH THE LEADER to gain their perspective of the challenges, responsibilities, and goals they have for coaching.
  • Coach has an initial CONFIDENTIAL FOUNDATION MEETING WITH THE LEADER, typically 3-4 hours, to clarify their goals, challenges, and personal and professional goals.  Debrief of the first round of assessment tools  is also done at this time.
  • THE LEADER HAS CONFIDENTIAL APPOINTMENTS to strategize the action steps, skills, and learning that will have them achieve their goals (coaching is often done over the phone, and face-to-face meetings, or a combination of both, are typical).
  • As the LEADER MOVES TOWARD SOLUTIONS, the coach facilitates much more innovative thinking, helps track their performance, and holds them accountable for maximizing their potential.
  • FEES are determined by the level of the leader, goals, and the depth and breadth of the coaching process desired.
  • VARIED COACHING PLANS and MEETING OPTIONS are AVAILABLE to meet the unique needs and goals of the leader.   The coaching program and process is always customized to the unique needs of the individual.

“It’s Your Life.  Make It Extraordinary!”