Career Coaching

As a coach who specializes in helping people with career transition and success,  my job is to help you discover a profession that will have you leverage your natural gifts, talents, and passion daily.  It is about helping you identify the type of position that would offer you the fulfillment and satisfaction you deserve for your career and your life.  If you career is not very fulfilling, chances are good your overall life satisfaction is not either!

Career coaching is about helping you wake up inspired to go to work each day knowing you are engaged in a career that matters to you, one that offers the inspiration, challenges, and rewards you most want!

Benefits from Career Coaching:

  • Moving into a career based on your unique talents, values & goals
  • Identifying a clear strategy for securing the job you most want
  • Working less and accomplishing much more
  • Becoming much more organized and effective with your time
  • Greatly decreased levels of stress
  • Establishing more satisfying and rewarding personal & professional relationships
  • Developing a stronger, more powerful, personal foundation
  • Creative problem solving for new & old career and work challenges
  • Much improved job satisfaction (many times without any career change!)
  • Securing your dream job

How Does Coaching Work?

  • We schedule an INITIAL FOUNDATION MEETING (in person, ideally) to discuss your goals, challenges, possibilities, and visions for your career and your life (the fulfillment of one influences the other).
  • We schedule CONFIDENTIAL APPOINTMENTS each month to strategize the actions and insights to move toward your goals — coaching is largely done over the phone (in person appointments are available at your request, and are based on the coaching plan you choose).
  • As you take STEPS TOWARD your GOALS, your coach will help track and support your progress and hold you accountable to  accomplishing what you say you want.
  • A SET FEE is paid monthly determined by the coaching package you choose.
  • Your ideal career starts to be come a reality!

“Make Your Career Extraordinary!”