A Coach is Your:  Problem Strategist – Accountability Partner – Trusted Confidant

Hi I’m Dr. Al Spicer.

As a leadership, executive, and career success coach, and someone who has supported leaders to create the career success and effectiveness they most want for almost 15 years, the backbone of my work is an emphasis on taking action to produce results, based on the goals and vision of the leader, and the organization for whom they work.  That’s why my business is named “Action for Breakthroughs.”

Breakthroughs do not happen from insight alone, only following conscious and intentional choices, actions, and behaviors.  This is what creates the results and the breakthroughs leaders want for themselves, their employees, and their teams!

The same holds true for those committed to having their “dream job.” It is about being a leader of your career and taking deliberate, committed, and consistent actions and choices that are aligned with what you most want! Coaching is a proven strategy and method for accomplishing this.

Leaders that partner with me are committed to being pioneers in their industries. These leaders recognize critical factors that determine their leadership effectiveness, and ultimately the success of their business, include areas such as:

  • Leading from a foundation of power, inspiration, and integrity
  • Being willing, and capable, to make tough decisions; consistently
  • Willingness to take conscious risks for the sake of innovation, possibility, and business success
  • Being clear and committed to a greater vision than what is “so” today

And perhaps most importantly,

  • Knowing how to leverage the strengths and potential of not only themselves, but their employees as well

Optimal employee functioning is not just a dream, hope, or accident, but a strategic aspect of executive leaders agenda. It is not about helping employees just “do their job,” it’s much greater than that.

The most successful leaders are pivotal in creating an environment and a culture where employees want to be most effective, want to go the “extra mile,” want to because they know it’s not just vital to the ultimate success and profitability of the organization, but to their own fulfillment and satisfaction; knowing they are on a high performing team that is exciting, powerful, and capable beyond anything they could do on their own!

Having leaders and teams who are motivated and effective, consistently, becomes a reality with the unique tools, distinctions, and coaching I offer along with Radical Leadership.  It is about commitment, responsibility and understanding how to best leverage the unique strengths, talents, and skills that comes from becoming a “Radical Leader.”

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