Team Training Testimonials

Don’t Take My Word For It – see what participants say they gained from their team development experiences using Everything DiSC Workplace:

(all comments were taken verbatim from post program evaluations, unless noted)

“WOW! Thank you for delivering such a transforming and inspiration session last Friday. The group was fully engaged and I suspect you’ll soon be meeting a broader group of associates throughout the organization. Kudos to you! It’s truly a pleasure working with you.”  –Craig S. (Business Unit Solutions Manager) (from email follow-up)

“Excellent. Al was very passionate and enthusiastic. Knew his stuff, makes it fun and keeps your interest. DiSC is very helpful when interacting with people – co-workers, customers, managers…”  –Anonymous (Beverage business unit team member)

“Thank you for a great DiSC session, great reviews by the whole team!”
–Sandi B. (Business Unit Director) (from personal note)

“We will definitely keep the referrals coming!”
–Shani P. (VP of manufacturing company)

“Seminar was outstanding.”
–Conor D.

“The facilitator was great He was engaging everyone and allowed us to be ourselves. He didn’t judge or criticize how we are; he was open and listened to what we had to say. I would recommend this training whenever I have an opportunity. Thanks Al!” –SeAndrea C. (Chiro One)

“Great learning opportunity! Very well managed; good mix of levity and seriousness.”
–Partner at Healthcare consulting firm

“Al did a good job presenting the info, it seemed there wasn’t a dull moment, he kept the pace going.”
–Joe D. (Production supervisor, manufacturing company)

“Went into this not knowing what to expect. Results were dead on, it was very accurate and beneficial. Al was very knowledgeable and a great speaker. Exceeded my expectations.”
–Anonymous (Beverage business unit team member)

“Very interesting (DiSC). Something that seems it should be common sense, but people don’t realize it or think about the differences in behaviors. Al did a good job keeping everyone interested and engaged…he was fun and good at leading the discussion. He was flexible to change up the agenda a little bit to accommodate what the group needed. Exceeded expectations.”
–Phyllis A. (Grain business unit team member)

“Exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be part of a second course on the subject!”
–Anonymous (Operations business unit team member)

“Al was very interested in the material he was explaining as well as in our participation and concern with our understanding of the material. I enjoyed it very much, and my profile was very accurate.”
–Jennifer F. (Grain business unit team member)

“I did not expect DiSC to be so practical. The overall experience was excellent, lots of information was covered in a limited amount of time. Thank you – exceeded expectations.”
–Anonymous (Beverage business unit team member)

“Very informative. Al was very personable and took the time to know people’s background. Exceeded expectations.”
–Anonymous (Beverage business unit team member)

“Great instructor. Al knows his material well and gives good examples to relate the material presented to us better.”
–Anonymous (Beverage business unit team member)

“Very well explained. I will apply personally and professionally. This seminar is very useful and would like to attend again!

— Rigo M., (Beverage business unit team member)

“ The information is very helpful in a team dynamic. Wish we had more time – should be two days at least!”
–Anonymous (Beverage business unit team member)

“Al was very energetic and consistent throughout the training. He really got the entire team involved. I learned quite a bit. Exceeded expecations.”
–Anonymous (Operations business unit team member)

“Very useful! Can’t wait for more team coaching.”
–Anonymous (Grain business unit team member)

“This was a fantastic thing to learn to better understand coworkers.  Everything was covered very well.”  — Anonymous

DiSC Level 2 Training Feedback

“Thanks for a great training session. I heard great things from our team. I look forward to working with you again soon!”
— Barb P. (Biz Unit Market Manager) (from personal note)

“Very insightful – willing to approach the tough questions! Always want more time. Excellent. Always a great experience!”
–Jennifer H. (Sr. Regulatory Affairs Manager)

“Would love to have more time – this is so applicable, interesting, and useful. Thank you Al, DiSC training has been life-changing for me!”
–Anonymous (Regulatory business unit team member)

“Great job! Really got us thinking again in relating DiSC to our customers and understanding their needs.”
–Anonymous (Business unit team member)

“Once again the training was fantastic – thank you!” (from email)
–Lisa C. (Regulatory Affairs Manager)

“Great information for better and more effective communication.”

–Anonymous (Regulatory business unit team member)

“Al, I think you are a wonderful facilitator – knowledgeable, insightful, passionate about what you do, and funny! You are a gentle leader keeping the course on track.”
–Anonymous (Regulatory business unit team member)

“Lots of things get covered in a short period of time, which is great for me. Great job – Fabulous!”
–Anonymous (Regulatory business unit team member)

“Excellent job! Great topic, very useful information, Al presented well.”
–Anonymous (Grain business unit team member)

“You rock!”
–Anonymous (Regulatory business unit team member)

“Al is a great facilitator of DiSC. I feel he not only understands the material, but he explains it in a way that helps us understand and apply the knowledge to all aspects of our lives. I think our discussions really helped our group open it’s eyes to things it seemed to be blind to in the past.”
–Anonymous (Grain business unit team member)

“I like how you stretched us to think of our area of responsibility. It is tough to look inwards for most, and you were able to call us to that in a non-threatening way. Overall, very insightful.”
–Anonymous (Grain business unit team member)

“I think the seminar/training was great and had a lot of good information. I think it could have been split into two days though. I think Al did a great job of covering the material and focusing on the areas that our group wanted to focus on.”
–Anonymous (Grain business unit team member)

“Very good presentation and training – fun, enjoyable, yet still very meaningful.”
–Anonymous (Grain business unit team member)