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Welcome to learning more about the assessments we offer.  We also provide access to these tools for other HR and Coaching professionals and their organizations, those who want to leverage them for the development of their employees, and/or their own businesses success.

All of these products offer valuable insights and objectivity about individual’s behavioral strengths and limitations. We always offer DiSC to all of our clients because of the consistently strong feedback we have gained through the years about the value Everything DiSC offers them for accelerating success with leadership, teams, and overall personal effectiveness.

When Everything DiSC Workplace and Team Dimensions is used together with teams it is a powerful process for strengthening teamwork, positivity, and productivity.  These assessments, especially when combined with coaching support, significantly expands the personal and professional growth, development, and effectiveness of team members.

As an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC, we are also a wholesaler for professionals and organizations who wish to add Everything DiSC assessments to their development programs. This is particularly appropriate for coaches, HR professionals, counselors, or consultants who either do not yet use assessments, or who want to expand the tools and value they can offer their clients.  Adding Everything DiSC assessments to your portfolio is a powerful way to better serve your clients, and get the results your clients and employees are seeking more quickly and easily. We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation to explore whether this makes sense for your business.

Notable is a key feature we offer which is the capacity to set up your own sub-account and uniquely branded profiles and brochures for your business, this makes all contact information and logo design unique to you.

Contact us now for a free consultation on using Wiley’s leadership and assessment tools
to optimize the effectiveness of your leaders and teams!

The links below offer you more in depth information on these valuable assessments. Each link has downloadable PDF brochures, or takes you to where you can access the PDFs:


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