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Welcome to Action for Breakthroughs, where we specialize in helping executives and other high potential individuals become exceptional leaders, grow extraordinary careers, and establish extraordinary lives.

As an executive leader, you face exceptional demands on your time, resources, and relationships. It’s typical for others to expect you to be clear, confident, and to have “the answers;” however, where do YOU turn for objectivity, support, creative problem solving, and to bring out the best you have to offer?

Dr. Al Spicer’s coaching and leadership development programs are specifically designed to help executives like you more easily and effectively navigate your way through the complexities, challenges and adversities that go hand in hand with this level of leadership.

  • Imagine having a trusted confidant, and innovative problem solving partner, always on call to support you with creative solutions to your tough challenges?
  • Where do you go now when you need a confidential resource and sounding board?
  • What if you had a partner who’s ONLY agenda is to support your agenda – having no ulterior motives whatsoever?

This is what executive coaching with Action for Breakthroughs is all about.  It is your trusted resource for supporting you to leverage your untapped wisdom and insight, it allows you to discover fresh answers to the many daily challenges you face.

Having a partner you can count on to confidentially, objectively, and candidly explore solutions to the varied challenges you face is the essence of coaching.  As no two people are the same, no two leaders or their lives are equal either, which is why every client experience is different, and unique to their specific needs.

The commitment we have for all our clients is for you to become extraordinary with the leadership of:

For over fourteen years, it has been Dr. Al Spicer’s passion and commitment to successfully support others to make their leadership, careers, and their lives extraordinary!

“My intention is for you to be 100% confident with choosing Action for Breakthroughs for your Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, or Career Coaching needs.

I invite you to browse the Testimonials page, check out the benefits and changes people experience as a result of Executive Coaching here and Career Coaching here, look over the extensive Resources pages, and see how the Assessments I offer could be invaluable in offering you objective, research based, insights to help you reach the outcomes to which you are most committed. Or, just call right now to schedule your complimentary consultation:  630-444-0048.

My absolute commitment is that you will be completely satisfied with Action for Breakthroughs; I guarantee it.”

- Dr. Al Spicer